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Westminster City Council Obtains Injunctions Against Addison Lee Plc

Saira Kabir Sheikh QC

Westminster City Council were granted an injunction requiring Addison Lee plc and Addbins to remove all unlawful advertising in the area.  Addison Lee have been erecting cigarette bins across the area with their logo and website advertised on the front of these bins.  There are over 3000 such advertisements in the Council's area.  These constitute advertisements for the purposes of the Advertising Regulations and no consent has ever been obtained for them.  Despite being found guilty of offences under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, the advertisements remained and Westminster City Council have now been granted a mandatory order requiring these advertisements to be removed within 14 days.

Saira Kabir Sheikh represented Westminster City Council in the injunction proceedings.

Saira has also represented Westminster City Council in the Committal Proceedings.