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New Report from Francis Taylor Building and Poppleston Allen Defines Legal Timeline of the COVID-19 Restrictions that Impacted the Hospitality Sector

Gary Grant

In what is believed to be a sector first, today sees the national launch of a 50-page report covering the COVID-19 related legislative changes which affected the hospitality sector, from the start of restrictions to Step 4 of the Roadmap and the full re-opening of hospitality in July 2021.

Authored by licensing barrister Gary Grant of Francis Taylor Building and Andy Grimsey, partner at licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen, the report details key dates and legislation from the last eighteen months and how this impacted hospitality and in particular pubs bars, restaurants and nightclubs in England.

Commenting, Gary Grant said: “Human enjoyment, happiness and the hospitality industry are interwoven. Aristotle observed over 2,000 years ago (with modern apologies for the gender-blindness) that “man is by nature a social animal”. The hospitality sector is the primary host for social interaction. Without it, human happiness is reduced. Curtail the ability of the sector to operate and our instinct, need, to engage with our fellow humans is frustrated and society diminished. Since the hospitality sector has faced the greatest injuries to any business sector as a result of Government restrictions, and has taken more tireless steps to provide a safe environment for the public than any other, it deserves the most help and understanding from the powers that be as we move on from life in the time of coronavirus”.

The report, which might form a key part in board reports and shareholder communications as the industry dusts itself down and re-builds, is available free of charge.  

For more information or to obtain a free copy of the report, please contact Deirdre Mahon (