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Mark Westmoreland Smith and Ned Westaway Appointed to Attorney General's A Panel of Approved Counsel, Charles Streeten to the B Panel and Horatio Waller to the C Panel

Mark Westmoreland Smith
Ned Westaway
Charles Streeten
Horatio Waller

FTB is delighted to announce that Mark Westmoreland Smith and Ned Westaway have been appointed to the Attorney General's A panel of approved counsel, Charles Streeten to the B panel and Horatio Waller to the C panel. The appointments take effect on 1 September 2021 for a period of five years.

FTB’s full list of panel members is: John Jolliffe (A panel), Mark Westmoreland Smith (A panel), Cain Ormondroyd (A panel), Ned Westaway (A panel) Hugh Flanagan (B panel), Sarah Sackman (B panel), Charles Streeten (B panel), Annabel Graham Paul (regional panel, Wales), George Mackenzie (C Panel), Michael Fry (C Panel), Caroline Daly (C Panel) and Horatio Waller (C Panel).

Please contact Paul Coveney, Senior Clerk, should you wish to discuss member availability for cases, on 020 7427 1847 or by email