Professor Maria Lee

Professor of Law, University College, London
Professor of Law, University College, London

Maria Lee has been a professor of law at UCL since 2007, where she teaches and researches environmental law. She is particularly interested in the ways we make decisions on environmental matters, including in areas of high technological complexity and controversy. She has a long-standing interest in the ways in which law institutionalises public participation or the use of particular sorts of expertise.  Maria also teaches tort law, and is interested in the borderlines between tort and public or collective interests. 

Maria’s recent work includes a monograph on the ways in which environmental groups used legal expertise during the Brexit process, and an edited collection on planning law scholarship (both with Professor Carolyn Abbot). These books are open access and can be downloaded from the UCL Press website

Maria is co-director of the UCL Centre for Law and the Environment and an associate of the Brexit and Environment Network.  She has been a member of a number of bodies, including the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution and the Greener UK Brexit Scenarios Group, and specialist advisor to Commons and Lords Select Committees.  

For publications, see here and here.

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