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Stubbington Bypass CPO Confirmed by Secretary of State

Hugh Flanagan

The Secretary of State for Transport has confirmed the Stubbington Bypass Compulsory Purchase Order and Side Roads Order. The Orders, made by Hampshire County Council, underpin a £34m bypass road scheme around the village of Stubbington on the Gosport Peninsula, which is intended to unlock the economic potential of the area by improving access and reducing congestion, and to alleviate noise and air quality issues for local residents.

The Inspector’s report grapples with a significant range of issues raised in objection to the Orders, including consultation, Equality Act matters, alternatives, the extent of benefits, and loss of strategic gap. The Inspector, with whom the Secretary of State agreed, found these matters either not made out or insufficient to outweigh the compelling economic and social case in favour of confirmation.

Hugh Flanagan acted for the promoter, Hampshire County Council, at the inquiry into Orders, instructed by Harjinder Jheeta and Linda Heron at the Council Council. The decision letter and Inspector’s report can be found here and here.