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Planning Law Survey 2021 - Counsel of Choice

Andrew Tait QC
Michael Humphries QC
Morag Ellis QC
Craig Howell Williams QC
Simon Bird QC
Douglas Edwards QC
Gregory Jones QC
Suzanne Ornsby QC
James Pereira QC
Saira Kabir Sheikh QC
Hereward Phillpot QC
Alexander Booth QC
Melissa Murphy
Richard Honey QC
Mark Westmoreland Smith
Annabel Graham Paul
Hugh Flanagan
Rebecca Clutten
Ned Westaway
Isabella Tafur
Alexander Greaves
Timothy Comyn
Caroline Daly
Charles Streeten
Horatio Waller
Daisy Noble
Conor Fegan

Francis Taylor Building is delighted with Planning magazine’s Planning Law Survey 2021.  With 14 silks and 13 juniors named in the survey, Francis Taylor Building’s barristers remain counsel of choice for many. 

Top rated silks are Michael Humphries QC, Hereward Phillpot QC, Alexander Booth QC, James Pereira QC, Andrew Tait QC, Morag Ellis QC, Simon Bird QC, Douglas Edwards QC, Craig Howell Williams QC, Gregory Jones QC, Suzanne Ornsby QC, Richard Honey QC, Saira Kabir Sheikh QC and Richard Phillips QC.

Junior members listed are Rebecca Clutten, Isabella Tafur, Mark Westmoreland Smith, Melissa Murphy, Hugh Flanagan, Ned Westaway, Caroline Daly, Annabel Graham Paul, Alexander Greaves, Daisy Noble, Timothy Comyn, Charles Streeten and Horatio Waller.

The top rated juniors in the under 35 category are Caroline Daly, Charles Streeten, Conor Fegan, Alexander Greaves, Daisy Noble and Horatio Waller

Michael Humphries QC, Hereward Phillpot QC, Andrew Tait QC, James Pereira QC, Alexander Booth QC,  Rebecca Clutten and Isabella Tafur are recognised as the ‘sector leaders’ in Infrastructure.

Morag Ellis QC is ranked among the top silks for both Residential and for Retail and Commercial.

Planning magazine invites indviduals working in roles that could involve them in commissioning or instructing a law firm or barrister to nominate firms and individuals who they believe exemplify good practice. More than 200 respondents completed the survey this year.