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Panel Report Into the New London Plan

Douglas Edwards QC
Melissa Murphy

The report of the Panel of Inspectors appointed to examine the soundness of the proposed new London Plan has been published by the Mayor of London. One of the most significant of the conclusions of the Panel was to find unsound the Plan’s reliance on small sites and the introduction of a presumption in favour of development of such sites. The effect of the Plan’s approach would have been to increase substantially the quantum of housing in Outer London Boroughs, with the potential to give rise to a transformative effect on the character of these suburban areas. The West London Alliance of Boroughs in Outer West London objected to the soundness of this approach and appeared at the Examination hearings. The Alliance’s case was in large measure accepted by the Panel.

The Panel accepted the objection of LB Hillingdon to the approach of the Mayor to depart from the definition of Gypsies and Travellers set out in Government Policy. It also accepted LB Hillingdon’s case in relation to the separate airports policy which had been proposed within the Plan. 

Douglas Edwards QC represented the West London Alliance and LB Hillingdon at Examination sessions including that dealing with small sites, duty to cooperate and legal compliance and Gyspy and Traveller policies. Melissa Murphy represented LB Hillingdon in relation to airports, parking and aggregates.