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Nationwide Interim Injunction Extended Preventing Insulate Britain from Protesting on the Strategic Road Network

Following a hearing in front of Lavender J, the nationwide injunction initially granted by Linden J on 25 October 2021 against persons unknown who are deliberately blocking, slowing down, obstructing or otherwise interfering with the flow of traffic onto or off or along the Strategic Road Network (‘SRN’) and against 135 named parties will remain in force until the earliest of a further order, trial or 31 December 2021. 

The injunction was opposed by numerous parties from Insulate Britain as well as two further individuals who argued that the effect of the injunction was that it would prevent them lawfully protesting on the Strategic Road Network even though they were not members of Insulate Britain. Lavender J agreed with the applicant however that the injunction should not be discharged, thereby ensuring that the Strategic Road Network can be protected from further highly disruptive protests. 

Saira Kabir Sheikh QC and Charles Merrett acted on behalf of National Highways.