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"Massive Cow Shed" Rejected for George Harrison Mansion

Gregory Jones QC

Masssive Cow Shed" rejected for George Harrison Mansion.

A planning inspector has rejected applications for what was described by the Bucks Free Press as "a massive cow shed". The buildings would have housed 44 sacred cows in the grounds of the Hare Krishna (or ISKON) Bhaktivedanta Manor in Aldenham. The Manor was purchased by the late Beatle George Harrison in 1973 who then gave it to ISKON.

The site is situated in the green belt. The decision is of note for a couple of points in particular. The inspector rejected the local planning authority's argument that in order to be not inappropriate development in the green building it was necessary for the applicant to demonstrate that a building of this size was reasonably necessary for agricultural (the test under the GPDO)..

However, she accepted that the high level of visitors to the farm buildings would be beyond the level which could be regarded as ancillary and that therefore the use would be mixed, part agricultural part visitor attraction, so that the development was inappropriate development in the green belt.

Gregory Jones appeared on behalf of the local planning authority, Hertsmere Borough Council (instructed by Head of Planning Richard Groves). Further details from or