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London Legal Walk: Advocaid Sierra Leone

On 22 May 2017, FTB will be participating in the London Legal Walk to raise money for the London Legal Support Trust.  In addition, this year, half of the money raised by FTB will be donated to the charity AdvocAid Sierra Leone. 

AdvocAid works with vulnerable women and girls caught up in Sierra Leone’s legal system, which can often be unjust.  Established in 2006, AdvocAid is the only organisation in West Africa providing a holistic service that ensures women have access to their legal and human rights, and leave prison with brighter prospects.  AdvocAid ensures that women and their children:

  • receive access to justice via legal aid
  • are aware of their legal rights via education and outreach programmes
  • have access to education and economic empowerment programmes
  • receive the welfare support they need when in prison
  • are prepared for release via a 'Moving Forward' programme.

AdvocAid also seeks to change injustice within the legal system in the long-term, through advocating for changes to the legal and welfare system, lobbying for amendments to laws, campaigning for social changes and holding police stations, correctional centres and courts accountable for their actions.  You can find out more about AdvocAid at: 

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