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House of Lords Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Agrees with Key Petitioner's Respresentations

Saira Kabir Sheikh QC

Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd appeared before the House of Lords Select Committee and raised the issue of infrastructure management of the central tunnel of the Crossrail route. While noting that negotiations between the three delivery partners (Secretary of State, TfL and Network Rail) were not yet concluded, the Select Committee stated in its report:

" However, we take this opportunity to state that we would be concerned if more than one body was to be given infrastructure management responsibilities. We would be further concerned if Network Rail were required to be infrastructure manager for the purposes of the ROGs in the central tunnel section without also being given responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the railway in this section "

Thus supporting the evidence and submissions of Network Rail in this respect.

Robin Purchas QC and Saira Kabir Sheikh appeared on behalf of Network Rail

The full report is available at: