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Greater London Low Emission Scheme

James Pereira QC

The Mayor of London has confirmed the Greater London Low Emission Zone Charging Order 2006. This road charging order, aimed to improve local air quality by discouraging the use in Greater London of the most individually polluting diesel engines (generally HGVs, buses, coaches, heavier LGVs and minibuses) will come into operation on various dates for different types of vehicles, beginning February 2008.

It is the first time that the statutory powers in Schedule 23 of the Greater London Authority Act 1999, under which congestion charging in Central London was introduced, have been used solely for environmental purposes.

Transport for London, who made the order, as well as the Greater London Authority, were both advised throughout the statutory stages (including the revision of the Mayor's Air Quality and Transport Strategies in 2005/6) by Charles George QC and James Pereira.