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Clapham Tower Wins Consent

Gregory Jones QC

A tower used to display advertisements at the entrance to Clapham railway station Europe's busiest railway station has won advertisement consent. The site is situated on business land adjacent to the Torelli Coffee company but surrounded by railways lines on all sides. The advertisement is visible to those travelling by train. However, the inspector rejected the suggstion that the advertisement caused an adverse impact on the amenity of residents living in tower blocks and granted consent.

The application for consent was made without prejudice to the applicant's case that the advertisements did not need consent - being an advertisement in an enclosed area not readily visible from places to which the public have a right to access - which would mean that no deemed or express consent was necessary. The advertisement had been erected and then removed when prosecution proceeding were taken by the local authority. On Friday 18 May the prosecution was dismissed by the District Judge at South West Magistrates' Court.

Gregory Jones appeared for applicants at both the advertisement application appeal and in the criminal proceedings (instructed by HRS).