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Compulsory Purchase and Compensation Service

Compulsory Purchase and Compensation
Compulsory Purchase and Compensation Service, edited by members of Francis Taylor Building

An authoritative and user-friendly looseleaf service on the compulsory purchase of land and compensation. Designed and written with the busy practitioner in mind, it sets out in convenient narrative form practice, procedure, policy and valuation with full cross-referencing to the relevant cases, statutory provision and policy circulars. It also includes a full explanation of the scope of powers to acquire land compulsorily and the exercise of the powers and principles of compensation, alongside the relevant statutory materials. Compulsory Purchase and Compensation Service will prove invaluable for all practitioners working in this field, particularly lawyers, surveyors and valuers acting for both landowners and acquiring authorities. Updates are charged for individually. - See more at:

The publication is now edited by: Guy Roots QC (General Editor), Michael Humphries QC (Senior Editor), James Pereira QC, Robert Fookes and Richard Honey

Further information on the publication can be found at: